7 Things You Must Consider before Building a Carport

Cool Carport Design with a Triangle CeilingBuilding a carport requires a good plan and a lot of considerations. There are several aspects that must be considered. Well, here are seven things that you must consider before constructing your dream carport:

1 . Define the dimension and location

  • Determine the dimensions of the carport area that you want to create. Generally the ideal size is 3 m x 5 m, considering the ease of opening the car door and parking the vehicle. If you have a small car and a small area, you can modify the size of the carport.
  • If your home is at the corner of the street, you should not build a carport right at the end of the road. The reason is that you would have a difficulty to park your vehicles from the street junction. Build a carport at the location which is quite far from the junction.
  • Avoid large windows on the wall facing the carport. The goal is that the air pollution from car exhaust does not enter into your home.

2 . Check the soil type

  • The type of soil will determine the construction of the carport floor. For example, you need to do a soil compaction if your ground is too soft and humid. Meanwhile, if the ground is already hard, the floor can be built directly for the carport.
  • Once the soil type is known, you can determine the construction and materials. Make sure the floor construction is made up with a strong and sturdy material. Similarly, the material for the floor frame must be capable of bearing vehicle load and not be damaged if exposed to water.

3 . Choose the right structure
There are various carport structure types and materials available in markets, starting from footplat foundation made ​​of concrete or of stone. The frames are commonly made ​​of steel, hollow metal, wood, or aluminum. Another option is a tent structure that uses a cable hook system. The roof should be made of special plastic material and sheeting.

4 . Strong construction and floor materials

  • The carport floor construction should use concrete frames. The irons are arranged with a distance of 5 – 10 cm. That construction makes the floor able to withstand the weight of the vehicle so that the carport floor is free from any collapse/ cracks problems.
  • If you want to use a cement cast (concrete), give a layer with floor hardener. The material functions to bind and give strength to the floor from the load. It is sturdy and not easily cracked.
  • Another coat material is a special ceramic floor carport. This one has a rough surface and is slip resistant.

5 . Consider the drainage

  • Carports also need a proper drainage system. There are two sources of wastewater; 1) the overflow of rain water and 2) the water used to wash. For the floor, make the sanitation for waterways with a 2 cm width.
  • Adjust the slope of the roof and the floor. For example, the slope for a polycarbonate roof is 2-3 %. Similarly, the slope of the floor is about 27 ° or 2-3 % of the length of the floor.

6 . Choose an adequate roof cover material

  • Typically, the roof style will determine the materials that would be used. You have some options for this, including glass, plastic, metal, tiles, poly carbonate, or concrete.
  • Of all the materials, you need to select the suitability of the façade design, ease of maintenance, and budget available. Instead, avoid an excessive carport construction that does not fit with the look of the house.

7 . Determine the budget and find some carport design references

  • The budget for building a carport heavily influences the selection of the type of structure and materials used. When the budgets are limited, the focus returns to the main function of which is to protect the vehicle carport from heat and rain and also to ensure that the floor is solid and safe.
  • When more budgets are available, you may just find references of carport design plans on magazines, books, television, and the internet. Consider the design, the type or shape of the structure, the choice of roofing material, and the arrangement and decoration of lights.
  • After that, you can discuss your dream carport design with the architect or contractor that you trust. Ask for advice from him regarding the function and construction, and also the construction costs.

Those are seven tips on how to design a carport. Make sure that everything is well planned. For a better and safer result, you are advised to consult your carport plan to an expert. Good luck!

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