7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

Open Space Kitchen DesignThere are many ways to implement green design concept for interior, or usually called eco-friendly interior design, for kitchens. It can be started from the use of energy -efficient oven, dishwasher, and other kitchen equipment, and the disposal methods of organic and non-organic garbage.

When planning for the interior design in the kitchen, it will be very helpful to make notes of things that need to be replaced or exchanged. A renovation or construction process with a proper planning can save a lot of time and money. In the case of a limited budget, refurnishing can be done gradually. The following simple tips can help you to remodel the existing kitchen into the environmentally friendly and sustainable kitchen design:

  1. The use of eco-friendly kitchen tools. Your large conventional oven can be replaced with a smaller electric toaster. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from home. Pick a refrigerator that can help to maintain a balance between energy consumption and temperature control. This ensures a sustainable life with lower energy consumption. As part of the interior design of an eco-friendly kitchen, installing energy-efficient appliances can also save on bills.
  2. Using organic carpet. Organic carpet has natural fibers that can be used for eco-friendly kitchen and other areas of the home.
  3. Kitchen ventilation settings. Kitchen with good ventilation will use less energy and artificial lighting during the day. The fresh air from the window helps to eliminate toxic gases and fungi.
  4. Using renewable materials. Kitchen cabinets can be quickly renovated using renewable materials such as wood, wheat straw panels and wood of non – illegal logging. For the manufacture of environmentally friendly kitchen set, you can use the services of companies that specialize in using reclaimed wood.
  5. Planting vegetables and fruits around the kitchen. Planting two or three vegetable crops around the kitchen can help supply the home with fresh oxygen throughout the day. The plants are edible, to be cooked as healthy meals for the family.
  6. Flooring is an important aspect to consider when implementing the eco-friendly kitchen interior design. This can be achieved with recycled bamboo, wood or stone flooring.
  7. Green design in kitchen interior includes the use of a little volatile organic compound paint.

Those are the seven simple steps to remodel kitchens into the environmentally friendly one. By implementing the green kitchen concept in your home design, you would automatically contribute to the earth preservation. So, you can help saving this planet starting from your eco-friendly kitchen design, your green home design. Consume less energy and creates a fresher and greener home. Good luck!

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