7 Tips for Low-Cost Home Renovation

Couple and Builder Discussing Home Renovation PlanThe house is a place to relax and rest, but sooner or later you may get bored with the decor. In order to make your home more fresh and beautiful, you can do a home renovation. But, wait, a home renovation can cost a lot of money. It’s better to plan everything to get an effective and efficient home renovation project. Here we share seven tips to control your financing when renovating the house:

1. Planning
Decide which parts of the house will be renovated, and specify the design. With a clear concept like this, the builders can work more quickly.

2. Budget
In renovating the house, you must consider your budget, definitely. If you do not have enough budget for the whole renovation, maybe you could start renovating the most important parts, e.g. leaky tiles or faded wall paint.

3. Creative
Try to utilize all the creativity you have when renovating the house. This will help in getting a different home look, which is new and refreshing. For example, you can give a frame on a painting or graffiti made ​​by your child.

4. Type of building materials
Determine and make sure that the materials will be used later has a good quality. If you plan to  use second handed items (such as a fence, window frames, doors etc) please choose carefully to get the best quality.

5. Focus
Be careful to prioritize a job, or if necessary, eliminate any job which is considered unimportant. For example, you don’t need to plaster the walls in the garden. Instead, simply let the bricks exposed to create a natural and traditional impression.

6. Payments system
Determine the payment system for the builders, wholesale or daily. Select the wholesale system if the builders already have a good renovation concept and design, while the daily payment is selected if the design and concept of the renovation is not clear and will be considered during the home renovation process.

7. Proper time
Select the proper timing for the home renovation project. The rainy season is not the right time to renovate your home. The renovation project will be faced with a number of weather constraints, especially on the exterior work. At certain stages, the exterior part is not only difficult to dry, but also can be directly damaged. Even during the rainy season, certain materials will be slightly more expensive, such as bricks.

Those are a few tips to renovate the house efficiently, which may be useful for you who are planning to renovate the house. With a careful plan, you surely can run a low-cost home improvement project.

Image credit: housingrehabilitation.net 

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