7 Tips to Buy a New House

Modern Minimalist Home ExteriorSome people say that looking for a new house is the same with looking for a partner for your life. Moreover when it is your first house, you must take a lot of considerations. Well, for those of you who want to buy a new house, there are several tips you need to do:

1. Comparing
Compare the house you are going to buy with other houses around it. Consider the designs, architectural shapes, and environment.

2. Finding a lot of information
Find a lot of information about the house you are going to buy, including the land ownership and the price.

3. Observing the condition of the home
Note carefully the condition of the building, the layout, and the interior of the house. If necessary, explore each room and ask all the details to the owner or developer.

4. Studying the market price
Collect and compare prices of current homes in the region with the same type of house. By studying the market price, you will find the price is which fairly reasonable and not expensive.

5. Asking for opinions from the third party
Ask for the opinion of others (second opinion) about the desired house. Third parties who can be asked are family, friends, real estate agents, or a professional appraiser, who can objectively appraise the condition and price of the home.

6. Contacting notary
Use notary services to assist you in the home buying transaction. It is because the legal issue of buying and selling homes is a complex and complicated thigh which requires legal certainty.

7. Managing the payment system
The payment on the home transaction must be set properly. It would be better if the payment system is made easy by minimizing the risk of crime to both parties, such as by making a payment via bank transfer.

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