7 Tips to Create a Pleasant Bathroom Design

Impressive Black Bathroom IdeaYou need to do certain things to create a pleasant and comfortable bathroom. Thus, a bathroom will not be merely a space to bathe but also for relaxing after a day of working. Here are several things to consider in designing a bathroom:

1. Area separation and sanitary selection
If you want a dry area in the bathroom, you should separate it from the wet area. The dry area will cover the toilet and sink, while the wet one is for shower or bathtub area. You can divide the bathroom using a shower box or glass divider.

2. Material selection for floor and wall
There are various choices for wall and floor coverings for bathrooms and all of them can be adjusted to your budget, starting from ceramic tiles, granite tiles, up to marble. If you choose ceramic tiles, choose the one of the first class for the best result. To ease you in selecting the colors, you can choose ceramic tiles which are sold in one set with a certain theme. It includes ceramic tiles for the floors, skirting, bottom wall, and upper wall. However, it would be okay if you want to make a color combination of your own taste.

3. Color selection
A combination of dark or bright colors can provide an impression of a spacious and comfortable bathroom design. You can apply dark colors as long as the bathroom has adequate lighting. It would be good to use halogen lights on the corners of the bathroom and put large mirrors to minimize a narrow impression due to the dark shades.

Another thing to consider is the use of rough textured ceramics or unpolished granite tiles for flooring in order to avoid slippery floor due to water. The tiles should be installed on the entire wall surface up to the ceiling so that the bathroom will be easy to clean.

4 . Bathroom tile arrangement
Start the grout lines from the middle so that the remaining pieces of the tiles on each corner will be symmetrical. If you have different sized tiles for the wall and floor so that the grout lines of both element don’t meet, you can install the floor tiles diagonally. Giving a border or a frame around the floor using smaller pieces of tiles in darker shades is one way to cover the grout lines of floor and wall. If you use tiles of 30 x 30 cm, the border can be 10 / 15 x 30 cm; while if the tiles are 40 x 40 cm, the border is 10 /15 x 40 cm.

Distinguishing bathroom tiles for the bottom and upper wall part is also one of the tricks to make the bathroom more beautiful. Use darker tiles for the bottom wall and lighter shades for the upper part. The height can vary, depending on the wall tile size. Yet, it is suggested that you start it above the sink. You can use the same border, as explained before, to mark the separation of the tile colors. It would be good if you choose tile color of the same family so that you can have a harmonious bathroom look.

5 . Lighting
Lighting is an important component to add an aesthetic value to the bathroom. If you install dark tiles for the bathroom wall, you should provide brighter lighting than when you use bright wall tiles. In addition, you can add lights, yellow halogen lights, on some places such as above the mirrors. You can also use indirect lighting if you have a drop ceiling.

6 . Air circulation
Creating an air vent in the bathroom is also a major requirement in order to keep the bathroom clean and healthy. If the bathroom is not in contact with the outdoor life, it must use an exhaust fan to throw the dirty air away through the ceiling. Therefore, when designing a bathroom it would be good when you put it next to the outdoor so that the air can flow freely. Thus, you will not face a condition of a damp and cramped bathroom.

7 . Sanitary supplies
For other sanitary fixtures such as faucets, shower, and floor drain, choose stainless steel material because in addition to being more robust, the maintenance is not difficult. It will make your bathroom more beautiful as well. There are a lot of sanitary supplies in various shapes and designs that you can adjust to your bathroom theme.

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