7 Vibrant Home Office Designs with Brilliant Color Scheme

vibrant home office
Playfulness is the name of the game in this home office. Beginning with the puzzle artwork above the desk, basic geometric shapes are incorporated throughout the space.

What is your idea of a good home office? Well, I personally think that a good home office is those which offer comfort, fresh, and relaxing touch, allowing us to work happily and comfortably there. A home office is not boring; that’s it. And to design a comfortable home office, you may need to combine some colors, creating a brilliant color scheme in your working space. Have you got any idea about this? Our post today is about vibrant home office designs which features a splash of colors. We bring you seven most stunning vibrant home office ideas which are taken from HGTV, shared by expert designers including Rate My Space (RMS) users. These ideas add the dash of inspiration needed for a fresh and creative start. From warm orange to cool blue, the spaces have become favorite home office that use color with brilliant effect. Let’s check the rest of the pictures below and simply visit HGTV for more information about them. Get inspired!

vibrant home office2
Warm, sunny colors are used against stark white walls and cabinets to create a powerful punch of color in this home office. Vibrant orange sets off the work surface while golden yellow hues illuminate the open shelving and area rug.
vibrant home office3
White cabinetry and a cream sofa focus this office. The neutral backdrop allows the energetic rug and playful shelf accessories to pop out.
vibrant home office4
A vibrant painting of swirls instigates the color palette for this lively home office. An orange base is used for the desk, and an airy, green blown-glass lamp echoes the whimsy of the painting.
vibrant home office5
Inspiration is never far away when water is nearby. This home office takes advantage of the notion by angling the desk to take in full views of the water.
vibrant home office6
A bold orange stripe sets off this work area, while a stenciled owl keeps a wise watch over studies. White work surfaces and file cabinets offer bold contrast against orange and black.

vibrant home office7
Color doesn't have to be about the furnishings. In this case, the books provide a striped, storied backdrop to neutral club chairs and an ottoman.

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