8 Easy Packing Tips for Moving House

Labelled Cardboards for Moving House PackingMoving house can be very troublesome, especially when you deal with packing. For those of you who have more money and do not want to be bothered, you can use a service from an agent. Yet, if you want to save money and still with the maximum results, you can do these eight simple tips:

1. Sorting goods
Discard items you don’t want to bring to your new house. If you intend to give some of your most goods to someone, you should send or give a deadline for them to pick the items up. The remaining items should be sold through a garage sale, donated, or discarded.

2. Consider weight
The thing to remember is: the bigger the cardboard, the lighter it is. For instance, you should put the books in the small box, shoes and clothing in the medium box, and bed sheets in the big box. This grouping also facilitates and eases the moving tasks.

3. Give label
After putting items into the cardboard, label them based on the room where the items will be placed later. In order to ease you, label on each side. It would be better if each cardboard has its own color for different rooms. For example, red for the bedroom, to the kitchen blue, green for the bathroom.

4. Use adhesive tape as needed
Do not buy cheap adhesive tape or just put it in the bottom of the cardboard. Use a quality tape and glue on the parts that open easily. Do not be afraid to use a lot of tape, because removing it is very easy, just use a knife or the tip of the key.

5. Complete one by one 
The packing should be done until it is completely finished, and then move to another room after that. We often  do not focus on a certain room and make the work not completed.

6. Save space
To save cardboard, you can also pack the goods in the fridge, basket, empty suitcase or drawer.

7. Use towels
Wrapping fragile items with bubble wrap may cost more money. Instead, use a towel, cloth, or clothing to protect them.

8. Lastly, pack items in the kitchen
Logically, packing makes you hungry and thirsty. You certainly do not want to trouble yourself finding the plate or cup if you need it. Anyway, enjoy a cup of tea or a snack before moving on can be a wonderful memory.

Good luck!

Image credit: hip-consultant.co.uk 

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