8 Feng Shui Tips to Design a Baby Nursery

Baby Room Idea with Wall DecalsThe birth of a baby in the family is always a special and important moment. So, how to put the baby in the house? It turns out that the science of Feng Shui also has special rules for this.

Newborns would be still weak and not able to adjust to the new environment quickly. By having an appropriate room arrangement, the better energy flow can help babies sleep soundly and comfortably.

To maximize the baby’s bedroom, consider the following eight things:

The flow of Chi
To get the flow of Chi, open the baby’s room windows every day so that the air from outside can flow into the room smoothly and circulate well.

When placing the crib, it is important to consider the direction of the head. There should be a strong wall to lean on. Do not let the baby lean on a crib side against a window. The crib should not be placed in front of the entrance or in the same line. Do not put the headboard against the bathroom wall or wall with any electricity network.

Wall color
Provide some soft colors for your newborn. According to the natural scheme, the light green and blue colors are good for growth. In contrast, the more advanced Feng Shui states that you should pay more attention to the baby’s Ba Zi when choosing the color for the nursery room.

Corner of the room
The sharp corners of the room can be threatening and destruct the Chi within the room. These sharp corners can come from the walls or furniture (chair, table). Thus, make sure that the sharp corners do not interfere and harm the baby.

Shapes, symbols, and images
If you want to display any paintings or other artworks in the baby room, make sure that the shapes, symbols, and images are appropriate to the baby’s characters. Pictures of animals such as tiger and lion are less good for babies. Similarly, keep the baby away from thistles, cliff painting, and the like.

Purify the room
Dirty rooms include the ones just used by adults or the ones which are never used. Therefore, it is important to do the cleaning or purifying first. It is intended to make the house purified and good for the baby.

Do it by emptying the room, and then sweeping and mopping the floor. Let the room dry for two up to three days by opening the door. Before bringing the nursery furniture in, take a chopper bowl and make a sound from it inside the room. It is to get rid of any negative energy. Soon after this, the room is ready for your baby.

The bowl is made of brass or chopper for the purpose of space clearing. The sound coming out from the bowl will echo through the room. That is the bowl is called as a singing bowl.

Linen fabric
Linen not only absorbs dust, but also lets the sunlight in. Use soft and delicate linen cloth which is suitable for babies. Too stiff linen materials like denim bring a bad effect for babies.

EMF (electromagnetic frequency)
Keep objects that emit electro- magnetic waves away from the crib. Objects such as televisions, sound system, computer, DVD / VCD player, and the likes emit magnetic waves which are dangerous for the health of infants. If you find it very necessary to put such objects inside the baby room, place them at least 1.5 meters away from the crib.

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