8 Feng Shui Tips to Design a Good Family Room

Bright Intimate Family RoomEveryone must wish to have a house which facilitates the family member’s intimacy. Family room is the one which plays the main role to make the family members get more intimate.

Family members often spend their time together watching the television. Although they have different interests and hobbies, but at least there must be one television program liked by all family members. Frankly speaking, television is an important device to improve your quality time with your family.

Then, how to make a good family room based on Feng Shui? There are at least eight things you should consider when designing a family room Feng Shui.

  1. A good family room is the one in a rectangular shape. Rooms with an irregular shape like an L and pentagon shape make Chi or Qi energy flowing not function properly.
  2. The size of the family room should be harmonious and proportional according to the function, whether it is just to watch TV or also used as a play area.
  3. Ideally, the family room is connected with exterior life, so the air vents can run well.  You can install wide windows and door to let adequate natural lights come in. A family room is considered not good when it is surrounded by other rooms that it feels like trapped and there is no way for the air to come in and out.
  4. Put family photos so each member of the family feels very important. It is also an honor because it shows intimacy. It will even get greater if the photo was taken at a place with a special meaning.
  5. If the family room is located directly after the main door, don’t put any mirror here.
  6. If possible, position the family room lower than the dining room. In home designs, the family room is generally made a bit lower.
  7. Don’t put any scary photo or painting in the family room.
  8. Note the presence of the wall corner indented into the family room. If it happens in your living room, you should put plants to prevent the sharp corner.

It is always fun and meaningful to spend your time with your family. So, Feng Shui your family room and live a happy life.

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