8 Functions of Your Home Balcony

Small Balcony IdeaA balcony has a length, width, and height. The standard size is calculated based on the people’s minimum standard movement. Because of its location which is on the top floor, a balcony also must meet the standards of strength and sturdiness. This standard is intended to prevent the users from any balcony accident.  As a space, balcony functions continue to grow. What are those functions? Here is the brief information about the functions of a balcony.

  1. Balcony as the expansion of space. Because it is directly attached to the room on the top floor, the balcony can be a solution to the expansion of space. For example, to expand the upstairs bedroom, build a balcony directly next to the bedroom side which faces the outdoor. It can be in the front, side, or rear part, depending on the location of the bedroom.
  2. Balcony to widen the view. Being located on the top floor, the balcony has a wider viewing window of the floor below. This makes the balcony a perfect location to enjoy the scenery surrounding the house.
  3. Balcony as a confirmation of a floor level. Balcony can assert the difference between upper floor and the floor below. The balcony also confirms the difference in scale and direction toward the building.
  4. Balcony as a beauty element. Balcony can make wall areas more alive. With the presence of a balcony, a facade can be more dynamic.
  5. Balcony to add design value.  Balcony can function to raise the design value of a building element and space organization. This makes the design of the house more valuable.
  6. Balcony as an expression of taste. Balcony provides a design statement and an expression of the owner’s tastes.
  7. Balcony to reduce climate impacts. Balcony that juts out of the wall leaves a space underneath. It then functions as s shade for the space underneath, protecting it from direct sunlight.
  8. Balcony as a marker. Balcony with a unique or striking shape and color can be used as stand a marker to distinguish a home from other homes.

There are so many balcony design ideas we can adopt. In addition to beautifying a home, a balcony indeed has many other functions. Make the most of your home by creating a cozy balcony then.

Image credit: homemagz.com 

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