8 Impressive Bathroom Makeover Projects

after bathroom makeover7

Bathroom plays a crucial role in your living space. Besides serving as a toilet, bathroom will also represent your personality. If you have a stylish, clean, and comfortable bathroom, people will think that you are a diligent and stylish person too. Otherwise, when your bathroom looks shabby or even smells bed, you will be judged a careless person, too. Thus, many homeowners spend their extra money to makeover their bathroom. May be you should think about doing this for your bathroom, too. There are some reasons which force you to makeover your bathroom:

1) when any element of your bathroom doesn’t function well,

2) when you want to change your style,

3) when you want to get different atmosphere,

4) when you want to feel more relieved or even more succinct, and

5) when you want to add more function to your bathroom.

If you have decided to makeover your bathroom, then you should gather some bathroom makeover ideas first. To help you so, we present some impressive pictures of eight bathroom makeovers before and after, covering large and small bathroom makeovers. These bathroom makeover pictures are taken from HGTV. Let’s see how the designers turn the old, outdated, or boring bathroom into the modern one.

1. From dingy into sophisticated

before bathroom makeover1
Before: This small bathroom looked dingy and outdated.
after bathroom makeover1
After: Traditional marble hexagonal tile floor, cheery splashes of yellow and a big dose present a sophisticated yet relaxed style.

2. From outdated into relaxing

before bathroom makeover2
Before: An outdated large bathroom.
after bathroom makeover2
After: This bathroom is now a relaxing retreat where the homeowners can wash away the day's stress in style.

3. From oddly shaped wall into beautiful shelves

before bathroom makeover3
Before: An unusual angled bathroom with a bump-out shelf and pitched wall.
after bathroom makeover3
After: Custom-built shelves provide handy storage for colorful toiletries while disguising the room's oddly shaped wall.

4. From no style into perfectly Zen

before bathroom makeover4
Before: This bathroom includes all the amenities the homeowners need but is lacking design direction.
after bathroom makeover4
After: The designer gave the room exotic Asian flair with tranquil green paint, a sleek dual vanity, charcoal gray tile and a modern glass-surround shower. It's perfectly zen.

5. From lacking of flairs into sophisticated

before bathroom makeover5
Before: This master bath offers high-end features but lacks flair.
after bathroom makeover5
After: A sophisticated tone-on-tone paint treatment, close-mount chandelier and wall-mounted fireplace are added to the bathroom. The cozy bench seating and homeowner's photography hung gallery-style add a personal touch to the bathroom.

6. From forgettable into impressive (bathroom makeovers on a budget)

before bathroom makeover6
Before: This bathroom isn't terrible, it just doesn't shine. Run-of-the-mill features such as the stock cabinets and antique white walls make this bathroom forgettable.
after bathroom makeover6
After: Spa-blue paint on the walls and a darker shade on the existing cabinets freshen up the room for less than $50.00 while inexpensive floating shelves provide storage space for toiletries.

7. From short of style into modern and sleek

before bathroom makeover7
Before: This expansive master bathroom is an odd mix of gold fixtures, false windows, pink granite and funky tile. It is spacious yet short of style.
after bathroom makeover7
After: The new space was given a sleek, modern look with floor-to-ceiling Carrera marble walls contrasted against a gray stone floor and custom, espresso-stained walnut wall panels.

8. From too bright into eye-catching

before bathroom makeover8
Before: This lime-green wall color may be a bit too bright.

after bathroom makeover8
After: Tiny mosaic tiles applied in a banded pattern give this small bathroom an eye-catching makeover. John adds floating shelves above the toilet to provide much-needed storage.

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