8 Simple Tips to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly and Energy Efficient Interior DesignA green and eco-friendly home design will make you live more comfortable. Also, by choosing an environmentally friendly home design, you add more value to your home and make it way more salable in case you want to sell it later. Here are some ways you can do to make a house more environmentally friendly and convenient for you to live:

1. Fix the windows and doors
Fix any cracks on the windows and doors if you use the air conditioning at home. By providing better insulation in the crack of the door and window, you can save on electrical energy.

2. Install fans 
Instead of installing air conditioning, you can use the fan, because your will leave less carbon. Fans are also cheaper than air conditioning, and they require lower operational and maintenance costs.

3. Use energy saving lights
Fluorescent lamps will consume less energy and are more durable than the old incandescent.

4. Plant a tree at home
Good landscaping is important to create a go green house design. Trees and dense shrubs will cool the air in your home, so the use of air conditioning or fan can be reduced

5. Use energy saving household appliances 
Look for appliances which are labeled Energy Star, which means the appliances consumes less energy than other types that do not have the label.

6. Maintain smooth air circulation
In the tropical countries, heat is often very annoying. Even you won’t be able to sleep comfortable in such a hot weather. However, air conditioning or a fan can be unnecessary if there is already smooth air circulation.

7. Switch to renewable energy sources
Instead of just relying on fossil energy sources such as oil and coal, try slowly switching to renewable energy sources that are more environmentally friendly such as solar energy or hydropower d if there is a lot of potential energy in your neighborhood.

8. Always maintain and update the cooling system in your home
Whether it’s a fan, air conditioning, or ventilation, do not ignore its maintenance. All that is not maintained will not provide its best performance.

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