8 Things Not to Do at Your Home

Cool Minimalist Exterior Home DesignMany home improvements are done by homeowners, starting from repainting walls, coating floors, repairing plumbing, to dismantling walls. Nevertheless, there are several things that are forbidden. What are they? Here we share eight things to avoid in a home improvement by Mike Myers (freelance writer on home and industry care).

  1. Do not do the pipeline repair on your own. If you already know how to do it, then it can be removed from the list of things not to do. But if you are just too ambitious and hope to lower cost without having to call experts, this can be a new disaster, especially if you live in an apartment that has a Uniform Building Code (UBC) or building safety requirements. If you make a mistake, the water will be scattered everywhere and can damage your goods.
  2. Do not park in the yard. If you are among those who care about the house, you should not do this. It will damage the grass and make the home yard less functional. If you intend to park a vehicle in the yard, make a sort of carport as a place of its own.
  3. Do not eliminate the partition between the rooms without knowing whether it is a wall or buffer. Of course you need to work with the builder before doing so. The experts are able to determine where the wall partitions that can be removed and which ones cannot.
  4. Do not make any wall bulge. One day you might want to make a little extra space (e.g. adding a window or just more space). Usually you just think to add extra space by moving the wall without spending extra budget for a professional. Unfortunately this can be an extra expense when it turns out it requires a lot of repair costs. There is no harm in considering adding a larger space as needed where the cost per square meter will be cheaper than the cost of repairs per square meter.
  5. Do not fix any electricity problem on your own. This is not a good idea, unless you have expertise in the field of electricity. In addition to the danger of electrical shock, it may also result in another danger such as fire.
  6. Do not renovate too much. When you have a lot of money, too much home renovation is not a problem for you. But you need to consider the importance of expert advice so that you can get a good renovation work. It is important for the efficiency of your remodeling costs. It would be annoying when you know that the cost of your home renovation is more expensive than the new house in the same size of your house.
  7. Do not be a person who does not take care of the yard. Every street and neighborhood generally has at least a yard. Caring for your home yard is an important step to show that you care about the feelings of your neighbors. Moreover, not caring for the yard can also cause the value of your property go down.
  8. Do not let your pets make a mess. Pets can cause environmental problems. They can be a source of environmental problems, especially if they often hang around and pooping everywhere. Additionally, if you have a dog with thick fur, try bathing it regularly. Odor generated from the oily fur and also pleas could cause a disturbing smell. If necessary, clean the carpet and furniture regularly every 6 months or vacuum it as often as possible in order to make it free from disturbing odors arising from pets. And, if you are going to sell the home, consider repainting it to eliminate odors that may be left behind.

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