8 Tips to Protect Your House During a Rainy Season

A House and RainDuring the wet season, a leaky roof, water seepage on wall, or flooding is a thing every homeowner might be fear of. Have you prepared your home to deal with it? To avoid such bad things, there are eight steps you can take to protect your house during rainy season.

1 . Roof

  • Check your roof twice a year. It is much cheaper than repairing the leak.
  • Look for cracks along the ridge of the roof, as well as the bottom of the gutters. Ensure there are no holes or rust in the gutter.
  • Ensure there are no tiles which are broken, weathered, or not installed perfectly. If this happens, immediately replace or fix that.

2 . Conduit

  • Look at your home sewer to ensure that rain water can flow and do not return to your home. See if there is a lot of small clay granules accumulate there. Clay granules in the gutter are a sign that the roof starts to rot.

3 . Ceiling

  • Check the ceiling to make sure there are no signs of leakage. Avoid the water droplets, the appearance of mold, or discoloration of walls and ceilings.

4 . Door and window

  • Make sure both can be closed tightly. If not, make improvements as necessary.

5 . Tree branch

  • Ensure there are no dead branches on trees around your home. This reduces the risk of your house struck down by falling tree branch during a rain storm.

6 . House’s low parts

  • Pay attention to certain parts of your house in which water can enter, such as the bottom of the door, garage, or basement. You may need to use a kind of material with high absorption to keep the area protected – which is commonly called  as ‘hurricane sock ‘.

7 . Sack of sand

  • For homes in a low area and prone to flooding, it could not hurt to protect the lowest part of the house with a pile of sandbags.

8 . Furniture and electronic equipment

  • If the house is prone to flooding, immediately move the furniture and electronic equipment to upper floors or higher ground. Furniture and electronic equipment will be damaged if exposed to water.

Well, those are some tricks you can do to protect your house in the wet season. Prepare everything from now and you will have your house resistant to flooding.

Image credit: Nicolai Lorenzen 

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