8 Tips to Protect Your House from Burglary

Einbrecher an einem FensterBurglary cases happen more and more, especially when the country’s economy is sluggish as it is today. Burglary does not only happen when occupants are away from home, but also when they are are at home.

To minimize the potential for theft, it  is useful to think from the thieves’ point of view. What do they pay attention to and avoid before entering a house?

Here are some good tips for you to try:
1. House maintenance
A not-well-maintained house often tells us that the occupants ignore the house safety factors. This is one point that a thief often considers. Take care of the house properly because a good house would seem to have good security.

2. Yards
Overgrown and not-maintained trees or shrubs could even become a hideout for thieves. The high grass in the yard can also be an indication that the owner of the house are leaving out for a long time. For that, you should hire a gardener to spruce up the home yard if you are planning to leave the house for more than a week.

3. Door and window
Doors and windows are common accesses used by thieves to enter the house. The main door should use solid materials with grade one or two key. You should also equip the window with iron trellis. Choose trellis which is suitable for the window design in order not to reduce the aesthetic value of your house.

4 . Guard animals
Dogs are widely chosen to keep the house secure because they will become noisy when there are strangers coming. Several studies have shown that burglars avoid homes that have dogs. For this purpose, even a little small dog can be kept, but most people use a type of German Shepherd dogs.

Not only dogs, geese could be used as guard animals too. In fact, a white feathered fowl is considered more sensitive and make a sound like a trumpet when seeing strangers .

5 . Security system
There are many sophisticated security systems that can be used today, such as alarms, CCTV cameras, motion sensors or light (light that turns on when it detects motion). For those who have more money, they could put some CCTV cameras at strategic points, such as yard, bedroom, and family room.

To outwit a thief, you can also install fake CCTV cameras in the area that is easily visible. This makes the thief will think twice about breaking into your home.

6 . Make your house look inhibited 
Usually before the act, thieves watch your family routine. When you are traveling, the routine stops, and this is a sign for thieves to act. For that, it helps you make the house look occupied, such as by installing a timer to turn on and off lights or other electronic device, such as TV and radio.

7 . Warning signs
Some warning signs with “Beware of the dog” or “24-hour CCTV Cameras” texts also can make the thief feel hesitate to enter your home. Put the signs on the fence or door.

8 . Neighbors
Neighbors can be very helpful when you travel outside the home for a long time. You can ask them to take a letter or newspaper delivered to your home. In order to make your home look more alive, ask a neighbor to park a vehicle in your carport or throw garbage in your garbage can.

Image credit: californiasecuritypro.com 

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