8 Ultimate Tips in Choosing Accesories for Minimalist Home Decor

 Minimalist Decor
The less clutter, the less visual stress we have. (Image credit: rejigdesign.com)

Having a minimalist home design or a modern one still becomes a favorite for some people, apparently. Until now or even next year the developers of apartments and houses still offer the type of minimalist design. If you belong to those who choose a minimalist home design, you should consider the interior design which is matching with the minimalist house as well. There are 8 suggestions on minimalist interior design that you should consider when you start filling your minimalist house.

First, consider choosing uncluttered accessories (clean, firm, without a profile, minimal geometric shape). Keep in mind that the principles of a minimalist design are fit, perfect, and not excessive.
Second, select a roller type, basic blinds either vertical or horizontal for your window coverings. This kind of curtain/blind will create the impression of simplicity in your house.
Third, if you want to install carpet, choose the one with solid color without a little motif. Do not use intricate designs and patterns because they would look heavy and stressful to the eyes.

Fourth, always try to make your tabletop, credenza or cabinet surface in a clean and empty condition. Make sure that you put your books and other items in the drawer, not on those surfaces. The ideal accessory is vase from artistic glass, simple dishes containing fruit, and/or a candle.

Fifth, use a simple color (plain) for a sofa cushion.

Sixth, use a simple pattern for the bed covers, sheets and pillowcases. The color combination is limited to two colors without a motive.

Seventh, if you want to show any painting on the wall, choose the one with a simple composition and frame, without a profile or carving. Do not put too many paintings on the wall. Make sure that you select the big ones from your collection.

Eighth, for the wall paint, choose any pastel/pale colors which look neutral such as gray, beige or cream. 

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