9 Easy Tips to Clean Your House at Weekends

Mopping Wooden Floor with a Dog WatchingCleaning the house every day feels a bit hard indeed. Yet, if you do it every week, especially at weekends, this task can be very enjoyable. To clean the house, you need accuracy and concrete steps. Here are the steps to clean the house every week:

1. Organize the closets
Before cleaning the carpets and floors, you have to clean the inside part of the closets. Make sure all items are neatly organized. If you organize them every week, they will always look neat.

2. Windows
Let the sunlight enter the room and everything will look brighter and beautiful. Take the time to fully clean the window glass in detail, including small stains. Use newsprint with a mixture of vinegar and water to make your glass window clean.

3. Curtain/Blinds
Curtain sometimes go unnoticed. However, if you look at them thoroughly, you will find that they are covered in dust. To avoid dust piling up, the curtains need to be cleaned every week with a mixture of vinegar and water.

4. Bottom part of furniture
The bottom of furniture is a place of dirt and dust. Try cleaning the part once a week, then your house will always be clean. In addition to the bottom section, also clean the rear part anyway.

5. Mattress
Although the bed is always covered in sheets, dust can still leave droppings. Use a mixture of vinegar, peroxide, and water to spray the mattress, then sprinkle with baking soda. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner and your mattress will look like new.

6. Pets
Pet beds are also worth noting. Replace the cover of your pet bed with the clean one, clear all the remaining hair, then clean up all the toys of your pet. This will prevent the breeding of lice and diseases from animal waste.

7. Drains
We usually think that if the drains are not clogged, they are definitely clean. But ideally, you should clean it regularly and do not wait until it is clogged. Pour half a cup of baking soda into the water drain, then one cup of hot vinegar. Finally, flush the drain with water.

8. Ventilation
Clean all the dust off the ventilation. Suck all the dirt with a vacuum cleaner so the air coming into the house will be clean. This task may not be done once a week, but it must be done at least once a month.

9. Clean the brush
When finished cleaning the dirt and dust, do not forget to clean all the brushes used. Dirty brushes make dirt and dust splatter as these tools are used. It is quite easy to clean the brushes; use warm water mixed with detergent.

Good luck!

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