9 Easy Tips to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

Small Bedroom with Stripped WallA low ceiling does have many shortcomings. In addition to making the weather more sultry indoors, the room is also noticeably narrower. To make the room feel taller and airy, there are nine tricks you can do at home:

  1. Paint the ceiling white. The white color on the ceiling reflects lights, creating a high and wide effect.
  2. Brighter colors. White is not always the ideal color for any room. Do not always use white if you can pick another color. Choose cool colors, especially pastels. The most important thing is the selected color for the ceiling should be brighter than the color of the walls.
  3. Use the vertical line. Making the ceiling seem higher can be done with vertical stripes on the wall, either by painting or using stripped wallpaper.
  4. Avoid accessories in the ceiling. Low ceilings should be made plain. The use of many accessories such as fans or lights will make the ceiling seem closer.
  5. Lighting. Room lighting should be placed on the wall, not on the ceiling. Avoid the use of spotlight because it can cause an uneven distribution of light and make the ceiling look lower.
  6. Long curtains. Hang long curtains as high as possible, if possible from the ceiling to the floor. This will create a high effect on the wall.
  7. Hang paintings higher. It’s an optical illusion trick that can give the impression of a higher wall. We recommend hanging a picture frame or painting higher than horizontal eye sight.
  8. Use a large mirror. Cover most of the wall with a large mirror. In addition to making the room feel more spacious, mirror effect will make the ceiling seem higher.
  9. Paint the walls with shades. Walls can be painted with the technique of ” faux finish “. Make the bottom of the wall darker than the top. This shade will create a greater visual effect.

Now you must be ready to make your low ceiling look higher and make your house feel more comfortable. Good luck!

Image credit: urbin-storage.com 

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