9 Important Things to Create a Minimalist Home Interior

Minimalist Living Room with White Sofa and White Green CushionsAlthough the growing trend in interior design today is the minimalist house design, you always have the chance to provide the best decoration in this home design as you desire. The minimalist interior decoration indeed should be adjusted to the facade of the house. Well, here are nine things you should consider to decorate a minimalist interior.

  1. Use interior ornaments with a geometric shape but still simple and not excessive. Some vertical and horizontal lines on the corners of the room would look good. You can also use natural stones for ornaments.
  2. Choose the interior wall paint colors carefully.  Bright minimalist colors such as blue and grey would be great to create a warm impression. Or if you want to give the impression of width, choose white color. To avoid a monotonous impression, combine withe and light blue to make the room more alive.
  3. Pay attention to the windows and doors of the house. You’d better use aluminum frames so that they will look matching with the interior wall paint color. If you use stair railing and trellis, choose the ones with simple ornaments or without heavy ornaments. Meanwhile, applying stripes can make your home way more minimalist.
  4. For the lighting, choose window coverings with roller type, basic blinds both vertical and horizontal. This is to give the light that is not too bright but is still able to illuminate the room well and help make the room not humid. Down light, drop ceiling light, and cubic, prism, or round chandelier would be a good choice. A standing lamp would also be able to beautify a minimalist home interior.
  5. Use less furniture. That is, choose a few tables and chairs with a simple design and finish using a dark brown color and black accents.You can choose glass tables for a light impression.
  6. For the sofas, choose the ones with a simple design, without many accents or ornaments. Again, to create a spacious impression you would better choose white sofas. For the minimalist interior, it would be nice to have cushions with contrasting colors, though it is okay if you want the same colors. For instance, you can have a white sofa with green cushions.
  7. Avoid impression of a too full and stuffy room by limiting the amount of furniture. Keep in mind that a minimalist home design should be functional. If you like paintings, select a painting with a simple composition with a simple frame. A painting of scenery, beautiful nature destinations, or flowers would look nice. Also choose interior accessories such as uniquely shaped sculpture, glass cups, artistic wooden flower vases or cute candlesticks.
  8. Encourage each family member to always maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the home environment.
  9. Create a beautiful green environment at your minimalist house. For instance, you can create a small garden with natural stones or a small garden along with a pond outside your home.

Image credit: forwallpaper.com 

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