9 Simple Steps to Make Your Bathroom Look New

White Blue Bathroom DesignMaybe you have started to feel bored when doing bath activities due to the design of your bathroom which is boring. It’s good to refresh your mood in order to create new ideas by renovating your bathroom. Most people use the bathroom to look for ideas and inspiration dealings with their work.

Here are tips on how to do a bathroom renovation. No need to do a big bathroom renovation; just do some simple steps to make your bathroom look different.

1 . Lighting
Good bathroom is a bathroom that has adequate lighting. Lighting not only makes your bathroom appear more spacious, but also more practical. You certainly do not want to take a shower in a dark and stuffy bathroom.

2 . Mirror
Bathroom is not complete without any mirror. Mirror in the bathroom functions not only as a tool to see your image reflection, but it also functions to beautify your bathroom interior.

3 . Storage cabinets
A messy bathroom is a nightmare. Consider using baskets, shelves and small cabinets. In addition, you can use the shelves or cabinets as bathroom decoration elements.

4 . Elements of art
To make your shower activity fun, there is no harm in displaying paintings, unique wallpaper, or other cute displays.

5 . Shower curtain
You can add a mat, window curtain, and shower curtain so that your bathroom will be more colorful. But remember, do not add fabric cover on the toilet seat.

6 . Color
If you want to renovate your private bathroom, the determination of the bathroom can be adjusted to your personality. White can be a safe color for the bathroom. Avoid using bathroom equipment with too many colors.

7 . Accessories
Places for soap, towels, and trash can be complementary accessories in the bathroom. Choose a design that is unique, and do not forget to adjust them to the color of your bathroom.

8 . Other bathroom stuffs
You do not have to replace the tubs or renovate the toilet to make the bathroom look new. Changing the faucet style or hanging towel rack is enough to make a new atmosphere in your bathroom.

9 . Little touches in the bathroom
There is nothing wrong with adding some fresh flowers or aromatherapy candles to your bathroom. It will make your guests feel more comfortable when visiting.

It turns out that bathroom remodel is not something difficult to do. You can provide a new atmosphere into your bathroom through some simple steps which do not require a lot of time and money. Be ready to have a brand new bathroom design. Good luck.

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