A Bunch Ideas of Pergolas which Serve as A Beautiful Element for Your Living Space

arched pergola A pergola is a garden feature which forms a shades walkway, passageway, or sitting area. It is usually combined with vertical garden to create more shades and support the pergola canopy. When attached to your living space, a pergola will serve as a beautiful element that connects and intrigues. They would be perfectly attached to some area of your living space such as garage, deck, or doorway.

If you want to extend your living space into the yard, building a pergola could be a solution. Also, it would create a beautiful transition between exteriors and interiors.  Don’t have any idea on how to build a pergola? You don’t need to worry since there are a bunch of pergola ideas offered by smart designers. Well, today we present you some pergola pictures taken from HGTV which are created by expert designers. Those designers share their best pergola designs to help you create your best exterior look. Examine the furniture, the furniture arrangement, the lighting, the plants, and other necessary things of the pergola plans, then, choose a pergola design that you like most.

retro furniture pergola
This charming nook gets its appeal from the delightful details: tiny hanging lantern lights, retro furniture and lush container plants.
pergola with spectacular view
Your garden has not to be snuggled up next to your house. Let your garden define itself by the spectacular view.
pergola with linear articulation
The linear articulation of the pergola trickles down the sides, adding visual interest while also providing privacy.
romantic pergola
The twining vines of clematis soften the hardscaping and add a burst of color to this outdoor room. A romantic space is created.


pergola with vertical wall
Vertical walls of plants provide the privacy screening for this outdoor dining room. The decorative light fixture adds a delicate design element that pulls the space together.
pergola with lush vertical garden
Moving doors covered with a vertical garden of orchids make up the entire bedroom back wall, which opens into this beautiful outdoor space.
pergola with bonsai trees
This beautiful stepped display for bonsai trees is part of a contemporary Japanese-style pavilion that also houses a suspended daybed.
pergola with jasmine frames
A pergola smothered with jasmine frames this seating area.
pergola for outdoor dining room with fireplace
The white trim, distressed finish, shingles and picket-fence-like "walls" complement the home's New-England design style.

double decker pergola
The roof of a poolside dining pergola is used as the foundation for a second-story deck.

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