A Home Designer’s Guide to Ideal Kids’ Room Designs

Blue Kid's Bedroom
This shiny blue space might be perfect for your little boy. (Image credit: stylelines.az)

Designing kids’ interior space is neither difficult nor easy. However, based on my opinion, it requires more time and energy than designing offices or houses in general. When I design offices or houses I will meet the owners who will live there, directly. Yet, when I design a kid’s room I rarely meet the kids themselves but their parents. Well, this becomes the first obstacle. I cannot fully get what the kid really desires because it is the parents I meet. They tell me what they want, not what their kid wants.

Some parents even usually bring pictures or photographs from interior books as their reference. And sometimes I find it funny when they then ask me to copy their neighbor kid’s interior design for their own kid. In dealing with such clients I usually try to ensure them that a kid’s interior is ideally gained from the kid’s desire. Don’t ever think that children do not have any idea for their interior space.

They generally agree with my point. Still, some clients say, “Don’t make it like this.. Don’t put it like this..”, and the other don’ts. “We don’t really like our son’s taste, Ma’am”, they say. There are also some clients who don’t catch my point. They often say, “My daughter is still 3. She knows nothing”.  Well, I think that assumption is just not right. I usually ask their permission to meet and speak with their kid. I observe their daily life, their favorite colors, their favorite cartoon characters, and many things else. By doing those things, I can gain much more about their wants. With that information I try to imagine a unique and interesting composition for the interior. A pre-design is done.

The next question is how to make the interior last longer so that it doesn’t need to be changed in one or two years. Moreover children often grow fast and change their interests easily. To deal with this, I have an ultimate strategy. I avoid a too specific shape for standard furniture such as bed and cupboard. For instance, I never choose a bed or a cupboard in the shape of toy car or train. I apply that kind of shapes just for decoration like on wall or on the cupboard. To my mind, the concept of kid’s interior room is the one which is likely to be changed in the future and in line with the kid’s development. Maybe we also need to prepare a space for a desk although it may not be required now.

There are some other things to consider when designing a kid’s room. Don’t use hazardous materials, such as paint. Don’t put decorative items which can endanger the kid. Make sure that there is no sharp area or sharp corner in the room. Consider the air circulation to the room. And for children under five years, the access to and from the parents’ room should be taken into consideration.

Help your kids design their own interior. Let them decide. Happy parenting, parents! 

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