Take this Quiz: How Smart is Your Home?

Futuristic Minimalist Home DesignWith a smart home, everything you want in home can be done easily. For instance, turning on equipment, controlling entertainment, maintaining home security and lighting can be made automatic through the internet connection. This smart home automation system aims not only at making everything easy and comfortable, but also at saving time, money, and energy.

Imagine if only on your home theater, the application of light, sound, and images can be adjusted quite simply by touching a button. It would be so fun and simple, isn’t it? You can have all of the easiness by having such a best smart home system. Now, let’s see how smart your home is by answering “Yes” or “No” to the following ten questions. Do not forget to add up all your answers to see the final result.

With the gadgets you have, whether it is a tablet, PC, or a smart phone for your home, could you make your home do the following tasks automatically?

  1. Enabling or adjusting the pressure (high-low) of thermostat in the house. (If your home does not have a thermostat, skip this question)
  2. Turning off tool that you forget to turn off before you leave the house, such as lighting, home alarms, computers, and so forth.
  3. Turning off the lights when going to sleep.
  4. Opening the front door.
  5. Locking the door while you have gone a few yards from the house.
  6. Making the CCTV or video light on when the front door or window catches something wrong or something associated with crime like a stranger or a thief who tries to enter the house.
  7. Turning lights on when you open the front door or the garage.
  8. Closing curtains when the sun rays coming through the window.
  9. Adjusting lights, sound volume, and image automatically when watching a movie at home.
  10. Warming the water in the bathtub.

Now count how many times you answered “Yes” to the questions above, and adjust your value to the level of your home genius:

10 = Genius
9 = Very talented
8 = Talented
7 = above the average
6 = average
5 or below = below average

Congratulations if your home is considered as a smart home. If not, the good news is that you are smart enough if you intend to increase the IQ of your house. Well, you can increase your knowledge on smart home automation and how do smart homes work by browsing on smart home technology articles on the internet. A bunch of free information is available for you.  Make your dream future smart home come true.

Image credit: futurehomes.ie 

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