A Living Room with No Sofa

Living Room with CarpetA living room is often associated with soft sofas casual seating. Apparently, it is not something that must exist in a living room. Without a sofa, this room can still be comfortable.

Without a sofa, a living room is considered incomplete. But it does not mean that we cannot find something else as the substitution of this seat. Homeowners who happen not to have a large quite large room to put the L sofa even the sofa love seat do not need to be discouraged. There are still other options aside from the sofa to create a cozy living room.

The comfort of a living room is not dependent on the presence or absence of a sofa. It is how you set it according to your tastes, needs, and habits of you and your family. If you don’t have adequate space for the sofa, why not find another alternative? Simply choose one of these three solutions.

Instead of a sofa, you can use a daybed. As the room is not spacious, choose a daybed which has a simple and sleek design. To accompany it, if possible, place a coffee table in a similar design. If it is impossible, leave it the space in front of the daybed empty. Simply place a rug and cushions there.

Another solution is by replacing the sofa with a pair of single chairs. There are many chair designs which are not less comfortable than the sofa. Place a pair of seats, and if needed, you can put a stool or a small table between them. Done.

Your living room could also be without sofa, without a daybed, and with no chair. Create a living room design which lets you and your family sit directly on the floor.  Place a thick and comfortable carpet as the seat. Make it complete with large cushions. This concept is far easier and cheaper to apply, compared to other solution options.

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