A Modern Minimalist House in La Encantada by Javier Artadi

house in la encantadaOur today’s post is all about a great design of a family house located in Lima, Peru. This house is designed by a brilliant architect, Javier Artadi, and was built in 2010. The project of the house involves a single-family townhouse in La Encantada, a suburb on the Lima shoreline.

This two story house is in a simple and neat shape, creating a minimalist and stylish look.. It would be perfect for those who love contemporary and modern style of houses. The two floors are connected by stairs which are placed in a double-height space, can be seen from the main entrance. In the first floor you can find a bureau, a social area (living-dining room), kitchen, and also services area. Upstairs you can see more private areas including a main bedroom, three bedrooms for children, and a family room. These spaces are connected to a terrace with a beautiful view to the back yard.

This minimalist house features glass walls which let natural light enter the interior during the day time. During the night, the house will look amazing with its beautiful lighting as what is presented through the following pictures. The pictures were taken by an expert photographer, Elsa Ramirez.

house in la encantada2house in la encantada3

house in la encantada4

house in la encantada5

house in la encantada6

house in la encantada7

house in la encantada8

house in la encantada9

house in la encantada10

house in la encantada11image credit: Arch Daily 

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