A Romantic Touch of Pink

Romantic Living Room with Pink SofaCombining sassy pink with gray or yellow makes a home more alive. Well, maybe at this time you are looking for a style that will fit for your home or apartment. You might think that it will be great to add a personal touch to your home, something that describes the characters of the owners, you. It turns out that is the key if you want to have a different home design. It is not only about adopting the popular style, but also about your heart desire.

Feminine pink
Besides being a favorite color of the owner, the color pink represents a romantic and feminine personality. But it doesn’t mean that you should make the entire part of your home pink. You can use pink as color accents, such as on the sofa upholstery, dining chairs, rugs, and cushions of your living room. Its feminine side will look great to be combined with the elegant white. Also, you can add gray and a touch of yellow which eventually will make your interior similar to the characteristic style of pop goes the trivial that was echoed by the industrial designer in mid 2005, from Tokyo to Rome.

A minimalist interior design usually emphasizes its minimalist side on the style and materials, which finally make the interior loses its interesting parts. Fortunately, this romantic color scheme along with the pop touch is able to make the room more alive.

Tips to use the color pink in your home
You can have a romantic and feminine style at home with simple touches:

  • Use a touch of pink in the bedroom or living room and make it the most attractive and sensual part of the house.
  • Match pink with white as the background.
  • In addition to white, the elegant gray is a good choice to be combined with pink.
  • Put a crystal chandelier that extends above the bedside table in your bedroom.
  • Choose embroidered pillow with gold or silver thread, put a collection of perfumes on the dresser, and fill your glass cabinet with a collection of beautiful bags.

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