A Sense of Openness in Minimalist Home Designs

Minimalist Modern Wooden Interior DesignMinimalist house design is a popular choice for many homeowners today. Many people like this style because of its simple, practical, and comfortable design. If we look deeper, minimalist designs are more likely to be influenced by elements of Japanese art at the clean lines and open spaces. Such design avoids complicated features, chaos, and things that are not needed.

If you want to apply this principle on the architecture of your own home, you have to focus on keeping things simple and natural. You should choose a flat roof and a more open space. For the interior design of your home, if you need to have a private room, try to avoid permanent walls and using shoji or sliding doors instead. In this way, you can still have an open space when you do not have an enclosed area.

The floor should also have simple and natural themes. Wood is often the choice for this style. You can still have stone tiles, but avoid the shiny ones. Stone tiles that blend with the earth tones will look better. Wood beams, wall, and ceiling must be left in their most simple appearance. If they are made ​​from wood, what you have to do is to let the natural look that can accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Metal elements should also just be polished and not painted.

Minimalist house design should have an overall look which is clean and simple. When choosing paint for the walls, you can still use a color other than white, but still in the neutral atmosphere. The strongest color that you can choose is the color of pale terra cotta. The guidance in choosing colors for this type of design is to create a sense of open space. Colors that make an area feel closed should be avoided. The idea is that your home should be in harmony with nature. You can also add a glass door for a modern touch in your minimalist home design.

Window is also an important component in creating an open space in a minimalist home. Large sliding windows are the ideal choice. If you need to use curtains, choose those made ​​from bamboo or wood or other material of a neutral color. If you choose to use the blinds, don’t choose the ones with floral pattern or other decorations. Choose those which made ​​from thin materials, preferably white, beige, sand, and other neutral colors.

Hopefully these tips can help making your dream minimalist home come true. Also, you can add your own concept to your home design in order to create a personal touch. The most important thing to keep in mind is about the concept of open space which is integrated with the nature.

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