A Small Apartment with Stunning Vivacious Interior

colorful apartment interior

When I browsed the sites of home designs, my attention was caught by the attractive appearance of an apartment shared by Digsdigs. So, what make me so interested in this apartment is the vivacious interior design. You can look through the pictures below how the colorful bright interior spread cheer to the monotonous life. This vivacious apartment interior is designed by Anna Marinenko who finds success in making the small space look more spacious by limiting the hues, combining only two colors, and fleeting basis of black and grey. The red and lemon yellow scheme creates a fresh touch into the space. It begins right from the front doors and continues throughout the entire apartment with an overall look reminiscent of a pop art painting. The whole interior looks minimalist with the modern and minimalist and furniture. Don’t you think that it is a great space to relax and forget about all your routines?

colorful apartment interior2

colorful apartment interior4

colorful apartment interior5

colorful apartment interior6

colorful apartment interior7

colorful apartment interior8

colorful apartment interior9

colorful apartment interior10 

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