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DistroHome.com is a media which specifically reviews any inspiration about homes, interiors and exteriors, tips in managing homes, numerous building materials, and also architectures in general. Launched in 2013, DistroHome.com comes up as a site of designs and architectures with a more popular approach and easy language to understand. It makes DistroHome.com different from other media which review designs and architectures in a strict technical language and formal way.

Thanks to the easy and understandable approach, so that this site has got a place in the hearts of the readers within a short time and now has become a media of designs/architectures among the readers from all over the world. DistroHome.com was established by Zulfa Nor Aulia with the largest readers are married couples up to 40 years old. The sociography readers are young families which are financially secure and having children as young as toddlers and teens.

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