According to Feng Shui, Good Garden Brings Good Fortune

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Feng Shui believes that garden can bring fortune and good luck for home owners. Then, how to make the right garden? Here’s how:

Feng Shui is a method that has existed for centuries. This method focuses on balancing the life energy or Chi. This energy is believed to affect the Yin and Yang. A good garden design, according to Feng Shui, should pay attention to the garden elements. The following are some of the garden elements that affect our life:

Jars (Clay Containers)
Jars are normally used for storing water. In this case, use the jars for water plants. The combination of plants and water will create an effect of coolness. According to Feng Shui, garden is good for career, health, and fortune.

Garden Lights
According to Feng Shui, garden lights can trigger Yang energy. Make the light not too bright.

Garden Bench
Choose a bench made of wood because this element is considered good in Feng Shui. However, note its placement so that it will look harmonious with other elements. Avoid the use of vinyl or plastic bench.

Garden Path
Small curved path in the garden can unleash energy. Curved flow of energy is believed to be advantageous. This is because the energy comes through the front door of the garden.

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Wind chimes
Do not think little of wind chimes. This object is believed to reassure and stimulate energy when placed in the garden. However, wind chimes should be able to produce a melodious sound. The chimes should also be placed in a sheltered place. If the sound caused is noisy, you should move the wind chimes. Noisy sound will destroy the flow of energy instead.

This is a typical component of a garden. Sculpture can affect the flow of fortune. In order to get a good Feng Shui garden, place the sculpture at the edge of the pond. This will balance the energy that comes from the pool. A frog sculpture near the pond is believed to affect the financial condition.

Waterfall/ Fountain
Waterfall or water flow or fountain shall be part of the garden since it believed to strengthen the flow of energy. Preferably, the waterfall is located in the north, east, or east of the garden. Those places are associated with wealth, career, or health of the garden owner.

The color of the walls, ornaments, and furniture in the garden also affect the flow of energy. Choose bright and interesting colors which bring positive energy.

Another thing that needs to be considered in Feng Shui garden is the garden surface. Make the surface of the garden slightly sloping. You can arrange the rear garden surface higher. High land has Yang energy, while lowland has Yin energy.

In addition, the garden should not block the main door of the house. The goal is that the positive energy of Yin and Yang can get into the house smoothly.

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