Adding Feminine Elements in a Bedroom Interior

Feminine Bedroom DesignAdding feminine elements can be a new challenge in decorating a bedroom. A feminine interior design is characterized by its soft impression both from the color or decoration. These elements can be combined with other existing elements.

Color options
A feminine bedroom design does not have to be painted pink. Either neon or soft pastel color can be a good choice for the wall paint. Furthermore, you can adjust the rug’s color to the furniture’s to create a harmonious feminine touch.

Wall treatment
Lace curtains can certainly provide a soft touch and a more feminine look in the bedroom. Avoid using thick fabric curtains because it will look heavy. Thus, install window blinds as the sun shade. Natural lighting will create an open and airy impression, providing a soft atmosphere that enhances the space femininity.

Knick knacks and dolls
Put a hanging rack and fill it with knickknacks such as framed photographs, dolls, and so on. You can also display colorful books and accessories on the rack. Add a touch of porcelain dolls on the dresser or glass table. Choose a porcelain doll with Victorian style dress or the one with lace and velvet accents.

A bed frame with a lacy canopy can be an element carrying the feminine impression in any bedroom. Furthermore, the use of many colorful, luxury, and large pillows can also be an extra touch of femininity. Add animal dolls for a softer impression.

Choose furniture such as cabinets that stand upright for feminine impression rather than storage that is built-in to the wall. If there is a settee bench, you can use it to put the dolls.

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