Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo House Designs

Bamboo WallIn terms of the building materials used, a bamboo house is made of 80% natural material. In addition to being an environmental friendly house, a bamboo house design can also provide a high aesthetic value and a cool impression. When designed and constructed properly, a bamboo house can last up to 20 years of age. Yet, of course you also have to pay attention to what is the appropriate soil character to build a bamboo house. Today we share the advantages and disadvantages of a bamboo house. Here we go.

The advantages of a bamboo house

  • Resistant to earthquakes. Bamboo house design belongs to earthquake-resistant building because bamboo is usually resistant to shock and has a supple and flexible nature.
  • Minimizing the use of air conditioning. Because bamboo is cool and does not absorb heat, the air will be free to circulate in your home through bamboo gaps. As a result, the house feels much cooler and natural.
  • Contributing to the protection of the environment. Through this bamboo house design, of course you will save the use of cement and sand which could mean there are more forests saved.

The disadvantages of a bamboo house

  • Resistant to porosity. ¬†In areas with a high rainfall, there would be a lot of rain water which can make the bamboo weathered and decay.
  • Flammable. Since bamboo is not fireproof, you should be aware of any fire possibility, moreover when it is a summer or dry season.
  • Not resistant to termite. Easy to termite attack. A bamboo house is easily attacked by termites and beetles powder. But this can be overcome by cutting the bamboo properly. The bamboo should be cut when it contains a low glucose level.
  • Not durable. Similar to wood, bamboo also needs special treatment before being used. The easiest way to make bamboo last longer is by moistening it with gasoline.

Those are some facts about bamboo house designs. You might consider this information first before deciding to build or not to build a bamboo home.

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