All of the Simplicity in Minimalist Home Design

Natural Minimalist Dining Room Interior IdeaHouse with a simple minimalist design has special characteristics that differ it from other house architectures. Some of the prominent characteristics can be seen from the house size, interior appearance, window, and roof. A minimalist house design indeed tends to prioritize functions rather than decorations, so that you can save more for the house construction costs.

Size of a simple minimalist house
This kind of house is not quite large, around 36 m2 or 45 m2. If your area is not enough to cover all rooms you will need, you can deal with it by building your house vertically. In this case, a two-story house will be helpful for you, though you certainly have to spend more money for this.

Interior house
The interior appearance of a simple minimalist house is quite unique. There are only few permanent room dividers (walls) inside the house in order to create a spacious impression. Some rooms are even directly connected to another room without any wall at all. Yet, if you want to keep your privacy, you can use portable room dividers such as cabinets, bookshelves, or other dividers you can buy in markets.

Windows in a simple minimalist house
Windows in a simple minimalist house are usually quite large. The purpose is to present a spacious impression inside the house. It will also facilitate good air circulation and natural lighting.

Roof in a simple minimalist house
Unlike other house designs in common in which the roofs are sloping, minimalist houses generally feature flat roof.

Those are several things related to the simple minimalist houses. If you are not sure with your own design plan, you can ask a professional architecture to design your minimalist house. Those professionals must know a lot about this home design, and help you with every little thing, including planning the budget, choosing the best materials, and so forth. Good luck.

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