An Amazing Mix of Styles in A Charming Backyard

backyard in a mix of styleAre you planning to upgrade your living space into a more comfortable and relaxing space? You can do it now, starting from your outdoor space. Many homeowners do not realize that outdoor space also plays an important role to make their house look more beautiful and feel comfortable. To help you so, today we show you an amazing sweet back yard to inspire you which is located on Hollywood Hills. The designers from Topsy Design use not only modern elements but also the unique ones. This mix of styles looks so amazing. You can see through the pictures here; two shabby and antique benches, an old-fashioned table, a very modern armchairs and table with a base reminding a plant – all just create a charming combination. Other mix of styles can be found in the industrial lamps of tubes, wooden deck, and a big wooden bath of different styles that look so amazing together. You can do such things in your backyard, too. Try to mix some styles to find the most charming and amazing outdoor space around your house.

backyard in a mix of style3

backyard in a mix of style4

backyard in a mix of style5

backyard in a mix of style6image credit: Digsdigs 

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