An “I” Shaped Kitchen Layout for a Small Kitchen Design

I-shaped Kitchen DesignWhen talking about kitchens, you will be familiar with several types of kitchen layout, which consists of kitchens with U shape, L shape, G shape, and the simplest one is I shape. The limited space in a house or apartment unit makes some people have to apply this “I” kitchen layout. For those who have a quiet large kitchen, this “I” kitchen layout is rarely used. In fact, this kitchen layout can be an attractive option.

The characteristic of an “I” shaped kitchen lies on the wall. The kitchen is only attached to one side of the walls. If you need an effective kitchen, here are some advantages you can get if you choose to design a kitchen of “I” shape:

Easy access
The first thing is this kitchen has an easy access. Although it is not as efficient as a conventional kitchen, you can quickly reach a the cooking utensils or foodstuff you need. For your convenience, you can also add a wheeled small table to put cooking equipment. In this way, your cooking process will become easier.

Space saving
Second, this kitchen layout can save your kitchen space. Your narrow kitchen can feel more spacious and loose.

Saving your budget
Third, an “I” shaped kitchen can save your budget. With this type of kitchen you just need smaller kitchen set with a simple and easy maintenance. However, you also have to consider several possibilities that will happen with this type of kitchen, for example, little storage space and a narrow surface. In addition, if there are two or more people cooking together, the kitchen will soon feel full. Therefore, just make sure you provide adequate lighting. Lighting makes a small kitchen seem more spacious. More importantly, make sure the storage space in the kitchen get adequate lighting. Its function is to prevent your kitchen from rats.

You can also use granite floor tiles or other tiles that are easy to clean. With an “I” shaped kitchen, you will probably only need one piece mat to keep it clean.

Finally, choose a stainless steel surface, especially for a place to wash. Stainless steel tends to be more resistant to mould. Do not let your tiny kitchen, which only has a few places to work, contaminated by mould.

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