An Innovative Home Renovation Idea

Living Room After Renovation

Renovating a house and making it like a new one with a totally different look is not an easy task. There are some conditions of the old house which should considered and may become a certain challenge, whether it would be dismantled, replaced, used, or just left unchanged. The structure and material condition on the old building is part of the challenge itself.

Heading towards a new house
The initial house design concept of the picture above was on an area of 180 square meters, adjusted to the existing house shape and the room needs desired. Thus, it would be obtained optimal rooms with a dynamic geometric shape.

Most of the rooms in this house were then redesigned, except one bedroom and bathroom on the first floor which are kept unchanged.

This house was initially designed to be a two-storey building. Yet, along with the construction process, there was also created an additional room on the top floor so that the total size of the building is 220 square meters.

In this home renovation, the architect decided to add foundation to some points in order to support the new house structure, as a result of the addition the new room on the top floor. The wooden flooring of the old house is changed into concrete floor with homogeneous tile finishing to ease the floor maintenance.

Using the existing materials from the old house
One of the many challenges in a home remodeling is making use of the existing materials from the old house.

In this home renovation case, the architect carefully used the wood from the flooring of the second floor as stair step covers. Floor covering in the form of wood from former railroad is used on the dining room area.

In addition, the materials obtained from the owner’s friend are also applied on this floor which is dominated by leveling compound finish. Most of the walls are finished in rough leveling compound, making the building look honest yet stay attractive due to the interesting accents on the rooster wall arrangement.

Change Style to be Simple and Minimalist
A simple and Minimalist Style
Dining Room with Wood Floor
Dining Room with Wood Floor

Family Room

Room with Good Natural Lighting

Innovative Wood Stair

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