An Overview of Feng Shui for Home

Feng Shui CompassYour home may look good and beautiful. However, what about the aura or luck?

According to Chinese belief, when building a house, you have to consider the Feng Shui. Humans do not live alone, but always in tune with nature and the environment. Therefore, each element must be able to walk hand in hand in a balanced way to always get a good luck in life.

If you already do not consider Feng Shui when building your house, you don’t need to worry. It’s never too late to improve your home luck. In just a short time you can improve the Feng Shui of your home. Just look at the following tips so that your home can be a home of luck:

Clean the clutter, free the Chi
In Feng Shui it is believed that luck and all things related to human life such as health and wealth has been linked with invisible energy. There is negative energy which carries misfortune and positive energy which carries fortune. Positive energy or better known as Chi will flow smoothly if some chaos or inhibitors are eliminated. You can start fixing the positive energy in the house from one room to the next room. Try rearranging each room by considering Feng Shui experts’ opinion.

The main entrance is one of the essential elements for a house. The entrance is an access for energy to flow into the house. Keep your main door not in a straight line with a tree or other plants because in Feng Shui because it is believed to be one of things that inhibit positive energy to enter the house.

So if there is a plant or tree that grows straight line with the main door, you would better cut it as soon as possible. Also keep your main door not in a straight line with a power pole because it can bring bad luck to you.

Check your knife
According to Feng Shui, the sharp edges of your knife contains the negative element which is believed to cut the positive energy which carries a good luck into the house. Therefore, check and make sure your knife is stored in a closed place, e.g. by covering it. Kitchen knives should also be kept in a safe place and certainly not easily accessible for children.

Efficient use of TV
No matter how you love the television show, always try not to watch it excessively. Also consider the proper storage of television. According to Feng Shui, television should be stored in a closet or using a screen protector. Make sure the television is not the main focus in a room. So putting the TV in the closet is the right step to make it not directly visible or not the spotlight in a space.

Convenient sleep
Position your bed in the right place, which is in a position easily accessible from the entrance of the room. Avoid putting the bed against the wall because it is believed to inhibit the flow of energy, so that the negative energy tends to revolve. Of course this is not good for your health and harmony in the family. Make sure the ceiling above your bed is not too low. The ceiling which is too low has a negative effect on your health. Ceiling in the bedroom and another room in the house should be flat, not too high or low so that the of energy can flow perfectly.

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