Apply Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui for Wealth and Harmony at Your Home

Green Bamboo PlantsAccording to Feng Shui, the change of the rainy season into the dry season means a symbol of something new. This symbol means a symbol of new growth and expansion. How to present good Feng Shui in the change of seasons then?

To bring good Feng Shui into your home, one solution is to bring a variety of plants indoor. Green and blue plants in Feng Shui symbolize good energy. In addition, the function of plants in the house is to improve indoor air quality.

The existing plants inside the house can help neutralizing harmful pollutants contained in the air. The harmful pollutant meant here is derived from synthetic materials of storey buildings, furniture and even your own clothing.

Adding plants indoor can also help create a more vibrant energy, and the plants will be able to heal you visually and physically with natural green shades which provide you relaxation and comfort as a natural therapeutic tool.

One of the types of plants that you can put in the corner of your house is bamboo. This plant is very easy to adapt to the surrounding environment. That’s why bamboo does not require special care in order to survive. In the science of Feng Shui, bamboo can also mean empty heart and humility. Bamboo stem that grows perpendicular symbolizes a fortune that ideally also grows straight. Bamboo can be grown in a variety of lighting conditions in both the water and soil.

You can put two bamboo poles in a single vase and put it at the corner of your bedroom. Why should two bamboos? This is because, a pair of bamboo symbolizes a harmony; you and your partner. You both will be fixed up in a harmonious future. A pair of bamboo is also a symbol of a relationship that is intertwined with a balance and can pass through various obstacles together.

In order to find an abundance of sustenance, you can put the bamboo with the 3 or 9 rods in the area where you keep your money or your valuables at home, in the office, and bedroom.

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