Are Aquarium and Pond Good According to Feng Shui?

Koi Fish in PondBoth aquarium and pond are water container. The one that becomes a concern and appeal from the aquarium and pond is the content, which is the fish inside. The types of fish also plays a role in creating beauty and appeal to whoever seeing it. According to Feng Shui, both aquarium and pond can invite Chi.

There are two kinds of Chi; SengQi and FuWei. Both are able to create vitality and balance in life. They belong to Chi with wood elements. From the five Feng Sui elements (water, earth, wood, metal, fire), it is the wood element which will exist due to the water element. No wonder that Feng Shui experts suggest bringing water elements to the house to stimulate FuWei and ShengQi.

Water elements and ShenQi and FuWei energy
One of the characteristics of water is that it always moves. Although the water in the aquarium or pond is quiet or not moving, the water molecules keep moving. The movement of water molecules is dynamic, and the dynamic movement of water molecules is able to move ShengQi and FuWei. From here you will get great benefits from these two types of Chi.

But you also need to consider that water element should not be placed arbitrarily. For example, in the Flying Star method (one method of Feng Shui), water elements should be placed in the water sector; East, North, Southwest, and Southeast. This method is necessary in order to avoid distress or unexpected problems such as crime, domestic disharmony, career and health, and so forth.

Aquarium and pond location according to Feng Shui
Besides being able to be placed on the front porch, the aquarium can also be placed in the living room or family room. It will provide you not only positive energy but also a different fresh home interior.

Then, the cleanliness of the aquarium or pond should also be maintained. Aquarium or pond that is dirty and smells will bring negative energy. So it is with the size. The size of the aquarium or pond should be proportional to the size of the room or in the surrounding environment.

The most recommended type of fish to be placed in the aquarium or pond is a kind of ornamental fish both freshwater fish and marine fish. Arowana fish and goldfish and koi fish are believed to bring good fortune. The number of fish in the aquarium or fish pond also should not be too small or too big. If necessary, choose ornamental fish with black and red color.

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