Art Syles in Modern Minimalist Home Designs

Stunning Modern Minimalist Home ExteriorMinimalist home design is becoming so popular among homeowners and home designers right now. There are many new houses with a simple, clean, firm design. A minimalist home design tends to have few or no ornaments. The ornaments used are those which are simple, such as striped natural stones, hollow steel railing, and glass. Those materials have a firm and simple basic shape such as square, triangle, and circle.

Colors that we meet in a minimalist home are typically grey, black, white, beige, and other monochromatic colors. Sometimes, as accents there are also striking colors at specific points such as maroon, orange, and green spotlight. They become eye-catching colors among the overall design components.

Actually, a minimalist architectural style is known quite a while, originally from a modern architectural style. Starting from the industrial revolution before World War 2, a modern minimalist style on buildings was introduced as a reaction against uniformity system, and practicality. One of the famous early leaders of minimalist design is famous Le Corbusier. Villa Savoye is one of his minimalist home designs that has become a legend until now. The house design was an architectural breakthrough at the time, using a structure system that is not embedded with the walls, which has never been encountered in his time.

As time went by, architectural styles continued to evolve as well. After that, the post-modern style emerged as a reaction to boredom in monotonous modern styles. Postmodern architects began to use ornaments and some different colors and materials for buildings as an expression against the flat modern style.

There is also a deconstruction style. This architectural style is a way more eccentric. Architects of this deconstruction style showed their existence using unusual rules of architecture both in structure and function such as deconstruction structures defying gravity, slanted walls, and floor textures are unusual. But it is undeniable that the deconstruction architecture is the result of the genius mind on structure and space.

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