Artistic Spiral Staircase Design Which is Safe for All Family Members

Simple Spiral Stair
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Some people believe that spiral staircases belong to parts of arts in architecture. This kind of staircase, which has a central column where steps are set out in a spiral pattern, has been applied to ancient buildings hundred years ago. The construction of this ancient style stairs is not easy to imitate. Meanwhile, in a more modern building, spiral staircases are usually made higher with tight and neat steps. It is very appropriate for a small building whether it is a house, apartment, office, or other buildings.

From this spiral staircase you can get an advantage you don’t get from conventional stairs. Conventional stairs take up much more space than spiral stairs do. The spiral stairs’ steps are in a vertical pattern and arranged very tightly. Space saving. It means that you can build your spiral stair everywhere you want, even at the corner of your room. This kind of staircase is also often used by firefighters as emergency staircases.

There are many spiral stair design options you can choose, starting from classic stairs made of wood along with the carving up to modern minimalist stairs made of iron. Since there are so many design options, you should be more selective in choosing it so that it will be appropriate to your interior design and decoration.

Besides the advantage offered by spiral design, there are some other things you need to concern. Since the size of spiral staircases is smaller than the conventional one, you need to be more careful in using it. Avoid carrying heavy and big stuff when passing this stair. And if it is possible, make this spiral stair as the second alternative in your house. It means that you better have another stair so that the spiral one is not too often to use.

Spiral staircase can be as safe as conventional stair. It depends on how we use the stairs. However, if you have kids, you better to always accompany them when ascending or descending this stair. Kids usually do not aware of what they deal with. Staircase is still a staircase, it deals with height.

Safe spiral stairs are those which are constructed in such a way that there are a variety of places to hold on, handrail, center pole, and spindles. You will feel safe by the rail protecting you all the times. Below are some examples of spiral stair designs which are artistic yet safe to use by the whole family members.

Very Simple Spiral Stair
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Spiral Staircase with Fences
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Modern Spiral Stairs
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