Attic Space Design: A Unique Small Room Bellow the Roof

Attractive Attic Space DesignThe area above the ceiling which is shaded by the roof is generally used as storage space. This area is also often left empty and dirty because it is untouched. In fact, you can create a new room in the attic. Moreover, the triangle shape of the attic will certainly give a unique interior touch to the house.

Another advantage is that the attic can be a new room that accommodates some furnishings crammed in the house. The attic room should be made as attractive as possible so that the harmony of the house is maintained well. Below are some tips on how to turn the attic into a new functional room.

1. Furniture arrangement
Given the small area and height of the roof that is not flat, then the placement of the furniture should really be considered carefully. You can use the low -roofed side area to place the furniture which is not high, such as sofas, low tables, or cabinets. Center the empty area in the middle of the room for your easy mobility.

2. Storage area
If you need storage, no need to bring your big and tall cabinets to the attic area. Create a built -in storage with a width or height that fits with the side area of your attic.

3 . Skylights
Since this area will be dark and a little difficult to put a window on the wall, then create a skylight or a window that is installed on the roof. Simply adjust the size of the skylight to your needs. If you are going to create a reading or work area, place the skylight above the desk or reading table. Or if you need the perfect lighting at the dressing table, put the dresser under the skylights.

4 . Paint colors
Determining the color of the wall paint is a complicated task considering the attic walls feel short while the middle area has a high ceiling. Try to give a different color of paint between the walls and roof for a more comfortable impression. Or, to give the illusion of space you can use only one tone color. In order to make the attic feel more spacious, paint the walls and roof in the same color, creating a harmonious feel. Choose a neutral color or simply choose the white paint color since bright colors will make a room look wider.

Well, those are some tips in creating a comfortable functional room in your attic. Make the most of your home by turning every corner of your home into a useful space. In addition to adding useful spaces, it also adds more value to your home.

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