Attractive Color Options for a Nursery Room Design

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Designing a baby room is tricky. Simply put, you just need to adjust it to your own tastes because you will not ask your baby his or her wish. Alas, sometimes there are a lot of considerations to think about before finally deciding a suitable color for your baby’s room.

The following are some color options you can apply for your nursery room design:

Primary color combinations
If you want to use attractive and interesting colors for the nursery room, you can combine them with a variety of primary colors such as blue, yellow and red. This combination will make your baby’s room look more colorful and lively.

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It is inevitable that dominant yellow is not very often used because it creates a glaring effect. However, when the color yellow is combined with another color such as white along with cute patterned wallpaper or curtain, the nursery room will even become more attractive and comfortable.

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The combination of red and dark grey
Combining two colors will also create a different atmosphere for a nursery room. You do not have to use the common color combination such as black and white. Instead, you can experiment with your favorite colors.

Both of those colors would have to be matched to avoid the impression of antiquity. One example of a fairly good color combination is the use of red and dark gray. You can apply this color combination for the nursery room wall as well as the furniture. That way the room will become different and special.

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Cheerful colors
To stimulate the growth of baby’s brain, then you can choose cheerful nursery room design. There are various ways you can do, including using wallpaper sold in the market with a lot of pattern options. Choose the one which is cheerful and attractive.
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Blue is the color that is most often used for nursery rooms. It belongs to soothing colors. With some imaginative creations, you can make the design of the nursery room picture below as an inspiration to design your baby’s bedroom.

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You can actually choose any color you like for the nursery room. As the parents, you are the one who know what color is most suitable for your beloved baby.

Be inspired and happy designing! 

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