Attractive Home Decorations: Black and White Home Interior Designs

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A house with the dominant color of black and white still look beautiful and attractive. These colors are timeless colors that always fit in all ages. If you like this style, then this article will encourage you to find out more black and white on the interior design of your home. Black and white have inspired many designers to set up home and given them a special impression. Black and white at home are also suitable for houses in urban, rural, and on the highlands.

Home interior decoration with a mix of black and white
In addition, you can also consider building a base color of your home because the first thing that is done to design the interior or decoration of the room is to determine what will be the basic colors for the room. Usually your designer team can help you to determine what the appropriate base color for a room or a house. It is very necessary before playing patterns and textures on the house. Black and white also can be as a base color of your room as well as the main color and then experiment with other attractive colors.

In general, neutral color allows us to dare to start color. A bedroom with black color can give the impression of masculine. Thus, you can have another color to soften the impression of a strong and masculine black, such as red, yellow, or orange. However, the white color seems to be able to neutralize the black.

Fancy Black White Living Room Design

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In the living room you can install some wide windows as openings to circulate the air and to bring natural lights in. Then, you can install wallpaper on one side of the wall with floral pattern to create a classic luxury impression. The color white dominates the living room, which is applied on the wall, floor, and coffee table. You can also place a set of grey sofa which looks simple and modern. This grey sofa would look great to be placed around the white coffee table. The solid black elements can be applied on the rug area under the sofa and coffee table. The black color would also be great to be applied on the console tables on the foyer.  You can also beautify your living room with some glass vases with white flowers.

Combining black and white to make it more attractive

On the dining room, you can also apply the contrast look using a good composition of black and white. You can paint the walls in solid black which is then balanced with the color white on the dining room furniture and ceiling. White dining chairs and white cabinets would look beautifully contrast, creating a firm and modern impression. Elegant brown wooden dining table can be used to give a different touch in the dining room. Then, you can use a soft white rug area under the dining table and dining chairs to set the dining zone. A simple white picture with black frame can be displayed on one side of the wall to beautify the dining room.

Simple Black White Dining Room Design

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Innovative Black White Kitchen Design

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For the kitchen, you can apply solid black on the shiny floor and wall cabinet to create a classy look. White can be used to dominate the kitchen, which is applied on the kitchen island, wall, and ceiling. Here the color white will play a role to make the kitchen look neat, clean, and way more spacious. You can install some wide glass windows to bring natural lights in, brightening your kitchen, so that you can save the power energy. A potted green plant can be placed on the kitchen island to bring a natural freshness.

You still can use these attractive black and white in every part of your home. A bedroom will look way neater with black and white as the base color. On the other hand, a black and white bathroom or even gazebo design will be another unique attraction in your home.

If you want other color combinations in your home, do not hesitate to play a bright accent color. When you want a dramatic visual display, make a dark background, and provide light through the white accents, and lighting lamp bias. Place the sofa in front of a stylish plain wall which has a strong character, and then put a cushion with the same color scheme.

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