Avoiding Bad Chi Energy for the Sake of a Healthy House

Impressive Healthy InteriorA house can bring health to us if we recognize the arrival of bad energy (Sha Chi) from the surrounding environment and know how to avoid them. Negative energy is always changing, moving from one compass direction to another.

Chi energy (Cosmic Energy) is engaged in the flow of the earth’s surface and distributed to the interior and exterior of the building. Good Chi energy is believed to affect our luck, but the nature of Chi can be damaged and turn into bad and dangerous.

Homes that have been arranged according to Feng Shui should emit good Chi. However, a good building, according to Feng Shui, will not bring good luck if there are elements that are harmful to Chi energy. It is not harmonious energy created on the earth, but damaged energy, which is called Sha Chi.

The Cause of Sha Chi
Why does Sha Chi occur? It is because Sheng Chi, the good and living up energy can only be brought by breeze. And, it will get damaged and even becomes bad as a result of hitting obstacles such as trees, poles, spiky buildings and so on.

Chi will also be damaged by high winds blown. For example, a house at the right position at the junction can be damaged if it is blown by strong wind. So, not all positions in the junction is bad, but depending on the situation.

How to recognize Sha Chi? Isn’t Chi energy invisible? An easy way to recognize it is by visual observation. There are two main causes of Sha Chi. The first is destructive waves in the form of electromagnetic field and poison arrow and the second is an environment considered as a point emitting negative energy.

Case Study
An area near a transmission tower contains fluctuate voltage, so the Chi condition in that environment is not stable. Chi arising is not good for health. This kind of wave can also be found around other towers, such as television, radio, and telecom towers. If the windows or doors of your house face that damaged wave, your house will receive a bad Chi.

Other places that are believed to be negative energy generators are hospitals, prisons, or trash. In some cases, police offices and worship places also belong to those generators. Hospitals is a place to accommodate unhealthy people. The patients’ suffer due to the pain accumulates until it is created the bad Chi energy that radiates to the surroundings.

Prisons are populated by inmates who suffer from mental pain because there is no freedom. Consequently, the bad energy accumulates. Dumpster causes a foul odor which becomes a source of bad Chi.

Long time ago, a police station might have been used to torture people who commit crimes, making it a Sha Chi source. Similarly, worship places were used to invite spirits in a ritual ceremony.

To keep the house not affected by negative energy, you should change the direction of an opening which faces the source of health problems. You can create a beautiful garden and make it a Sha Chi buffer.

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