Awesome Home Design Visualization which Takes Indoor-Outdoor Living Theory to The Extreme

natural inside outside houseDo you feel that the wall and the ceiling of your home create a boundary between your indoor and outdoor living? Probably you will say “yes” since most of houses are designed to protect the owner from outdoor living. Yet, bringing outdoor living into your interior would be a great idea. Imagine that you can feel the fresh air created by trees and grasses in your house.. Very romantic, natural, and relaxing, isn’t it? To help you create your dream house, today we would like to show you a home design visualization created by Valery Kelch. This home design includes small trees within the interior design so that there is no distinction where the boundary is between the indoor and outdoor areas. In the kid’s room (picture below) you can see a mat of grass growing right from the floor under a sunny skylight. The natural elements here are juxtaposed with a mural of a car plan along the one entire wall. From the other spaces you may find that natural materials such as timber and slate are used to clad walls, floors, and ceiling, while the furniture is finished in a contemporary style. Each room is bathed in pure light created by the generous windows and glazed doors. Everything looks natural and fresh. What would you say about this home design visualization anyway?

natural inside outside house2

natural inside outside house3

natural inside outside house4

natural inside outside house5

natural inside outside house7

natural inside outside house8

natural inside outside house9image credit: Home Designing 

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