Bamboo Flooring: The Right Choice for an Environmentally Home Design

Elegant Natural Bamboo FlooringMaking your home environmentally friendly is definitely a very good idea. There are actually many ways can be done to make your home environmentally friendly. One of them is using bamboo as the floor materials. Bamboo floor can even create an exotic and unique atmosphere within your home. In addition, bamboo has an exclusive texture, pattern, and smell. There are various colors of bamboo in which you can choose them in accordance to your home interior color. And more interestingly, bamboo flooring will always look fresh although it has been used for years.

The advantages of bamboo flooring
The installation of the bamboo flooring is considered easy. In addition to the easy installation, bamboo flooring also offers a relatively low maintenance cost since this type of floor does not require special care such as wood flooring. Bamboo flooring can last for 4 to 6 years. This floor will not be easy to get damp during the rainy season because it has small pores. Termites do not like bamboo flooring so that the possibility of damage or loss due to termites is low. And you know, bamboo flooring has a far stronger texture compared to wooden flooring. The strength level of bamboo flooring can be proved when the floor is given a load of up to 2 tons.

Bamboo flooring maintenance
First, avoid using heels over your bamboo floor as your heels can cause scratches on the surface. Second, don’t let your pets, especially cats, to scratch the surface of bamboo flooring because it can damage the floor. Third, you should not use floor cleaners that contain chemicals. This chemical-based floor cleaner can make bamboo flooring damaged. The right way to clean the bamboo floor is simply to sweep it with a broom made ​​of nylon and then mop it with water. Fourth, when you are going to move heavy furniture, you should lift it since dragging it can cause scratches on the floor.

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