Bathroom Design: Is Purple a Good Idea?

Sweet Purple Bathroom Design
Sweet Purple Bathroom Design ( )

Bathroom is a special and favorite place for some people. They often find a great idea or inspiration when they are in the bathroom. When we feel tired of our activities the whole day, it will be very peaceful to relax in the bathroom while bathing with warm water. Yet, this thing can happen only if we have a comfortable bathroom due to the design and also the cleanliness.

Then, how to make our bathroom feel comfortable? The easiest and cheapest way is absolutely by cleaning it regularly. Although we have a small bathroom, it will feel comfortable if it is clean and fragrant. The next way is by giving a touch to the interior design. You can apply your favorite color in it, such as purple. Well, what is your idea of a purple bathroom? Does it look good?

Purple has a unique character and looks luxurious. You will get a different atmosphere whit a touch of extravagance which gives a distinctive wonderful sensation. Purple is good for any room, including the bathroom, to create a different impression which absolutely makes lots of fun. You can choose the combination of light purple to make the bathroom not only fascinating but also relaxing. This color is better to be used as the dominant color for the entire walls.

To make the bathroom look more comfortable, you can combine light purple with white which is displayed on the bathtub, closet, and sink. Or, you can apply this white color on the floor, windows, and the door. In that way, your bathroom will look more interesting and become a cozy place to clean your body.

Those are some information and tips on how to choose the right color for your bathroom. To sum up, purple is a good alternative color to be applied in the bathroom in which it will make the space look beautiful and feel comfortable. The following are some examples of bathroom using purple as the main color. Hopefully you can find an inspiration from these designs.

Classy Simple Purple Bathroom Design
Classy Simple Purple Bathroom Design ( )
Elegant Purple Bathroom Design
Elegant Purple Bathroom Design (

Dramatic Purple Bathroom Design
Dramatic Purple Bathroom Design ( )

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