Bathroom Glass Dividers: Important Things to Consider

bathroom glass dividerThere are many kinds of bathroom dividers you can choose. One of the most popular divider is those made of glass. Glass dividers offer some advantages such as being able to beautify the bathroom and easy to clean. A glass divider can make a bathroom look larger because it is transparent so we don’t feel like the room is insulated. However, we also should know some problems we can face if we install it wrongly. The wrong placement of the glass divider will cause dew that will stick to the glass and could make the glass not as clear as before. Then, what considerations should we take when using glass dividers in the bathroom? Below are the explanations:

  • Use tempered glasses. This is the safest glass because it has a better elasticity than the common glass. The use of tempered glass can reduce any injury when the glass is broken. When broken, the bits of glass will be spilled into very small droplets which are relatively safer than the common pieces of broken glass.
  • Adjust the dimension and the thickness. A glass with 8 mm thickness is still safe to use in an area of 2 m2. If the divider is 1.2m x 2m, you can use a glass of 10 mm thickness.
  • For the shower area, don’t install the glass divider under the path of air conditioner. It is to prevent the existence of excessive dew, moreover when you often use warm water there.
  • Clean the glass divider every day. Steam usually rises from the water and stick to the glass. Also, do not forget to clean the soap scum that sometimes splashed against the glass divider.
  • Don’t let the glass alternated between hot and cold water very often. The drastic shrinkage and expansion of the glass can cause it broken.

Well, those are some information you need to consider when choosing, installing, or using the glass divider in your bathroom. Use it thoroughly.

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