Beautify Your Home with this Red-Black Gothic Styled Interior Design

Modern Black Red Kitchen Design

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Red and black can be an interesting combination. Both create depth of character in the room. These two popular colors are used on the Gothic interior design.

In architecture, the Gothic style is inspired by church buildings (Ecclesiastical). The buildings of classic Gothic style can be seen in church, castle, and palace in the middle ages. Many people also associate this architectural style with daughters of Dracula. The characteristic of Gothic architecture which can still be seen today is the existence of formations of such pointy arrows. It is usually found on windows, doors, roof dome, and so on.

Due to the ancient impression and the Dracula myth, it is no wonder the word “Gothic” often refers to gloomy impression. However, the Gothic style also gives a classy impression, since it is widely used in castles and palaces.

For those of you who are getting bored with your very common interior design, the Gothic style can be an inspiration. No need to turn the house into a Victorian era style. Simply play the colors.

Gothic is associated with strong character solid colors like red, black, purple, gold, dark green, and dark yellow (ocher). Play with one of these colors, or combine some of them. For instance, you can blend red and black. Both colors have equally strong character and are able to attract attention. Applying this color combination into your room will make the room look more attractive and unique. However, not many people want to apply these two colors together since these colors look heavy and dark. If you think so, no need to apply it on the walls of the room. Simply apply the colors on the furniture, curtains, lamp shades, beddings, carpets, and various other room accessories.

Although both colors have a strong character, they have mutual benefit eventually. Black makes red appear more prominently. Conversely, red doesn’t make black lose its enchantment. Harmonious and beautiful, right?

The photos of black red Gothic bedroom design below can be a harmonious combination which inspire you.

Cozy Red Black White Living Room Design

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Living Room Decoration with Black and Red Accents

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Modern Living Room Decor

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Stunning Interior Design with Red Wall

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